3 brooches good1996  Imprimatur,  Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide.

Silver and amber brooches, DNA gel, perspex, 16mm film, winding bench, video.

“Cecelia Cmielewski presented synchronated video footage of St Petersburg and Tallin on two monitors, as well as 16mm film footage of the artist dressing herself in Polish National costume, viewed by means of a hand-cranked film editing bench. Locating the technology as a metaphor of memory and literally engaging the viewer.”

3 bowls

1992: new work in contemporary jewellery, Jam Factory, Adelaide

Anodised aluminium and beech bowls, perspex, silver, gold, titanium pins and brooches

(Review:  Artlink » Vol 12 no 4, 1992 » A Room of Their Own)

1991: regional gallery tour, South Australia

Copper, brass, bronze silver oversized pendants

ML neckpiece1990: A matter of scale. University of South Australia Design graduates exhibition, Artspace Adelaide Festival Centre

silver, amber, titanium, gold, bronze, copper, silk

render1 copysilver pendant

1990: Goldsmiths Guild Jewellery Design Award (winner alternative materials) David Jones, Adelaide

silver, titanium, gold, bronze, copper, silk

landscape brooch

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