curatorial c.v.

2012: Adaptation for SymbioticA, University of Western Australia

The Adaptation exhibition featured the projects undertaken by the artists in residence at Lake Clifton, south of Mandurah, WA, from 2008 to 2012.  Lake Clifton as a location and as a metaphor, offers a microcosmic peak into the broader issues of ecology and life itself. Adaptation broadly scoped issues spanning the creation of life, indigenous culture, colonisation, scientific discovery, development booms, to fragility in the face of climate change.

2009-2013: Partner Investigator (Co-curator with Prof Ross Gibson, USYD and Dooeun Choi, NABI Seoul) for the Australian Research Centre linkage project Large Urban Screens in Transnational Spaces. Partners are: University of Melbourne, Art Center Nabi, Fed Square PL, Australia Council for the Arts and the University of Sydney.

Large screens and the transnational public sphere

  • October 2012: Korea Australia Dance Battle 2013.

Our research team collaborated on a live, large screens hip hop battle linking three large screens in Melbourne, Perth and Seoul. This project was the first time in the world that large screens in three different cities were used to host a real-time public participation event. This live link-up included performances of B-boy, Krumping and Popping battles, special performances, and a free public hip hop workshop. The crowd in Perth was very diverse and engaged with the whole premise of the opportunity.

  • October 2011: HELLO

Large Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere and Art Center Nabi staged the first presentation of HELLO 여보세요, a public participation dance event by Rebecca Hilton and Soonho Park that linked the large screens at Fed Square, Melbourne and Arko Art Theatre in Seoul. During the one and a half hour free public event, over 400 participants of all ages attended. Taking the form of a collaborative, fun and easy to learn dance game, HELLO negotiated linguistic, technological and cultural differences to test the possible creation of a transnational public sphere.

  •  May 2010

Co-facilitator of the first workshop for the Large Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere research project was held at BMW Edge, Federation Square, and included participation by 30 Australian artists and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

  •  June 2009

Curator of Australian content for the launch of Incheon Seoul Korea- Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell! Tomorrow City. Realtime interactive transnational works via urban public screens : sms_origins (Aus) value (Korea)

2010: National advisory committee member for and presenter at, the artistic and conference program for Junction 2010, the Regional Arts Conference. Launceston, Tas

2008: Symposium programmer for Making Creative Cities: the value of cultural diversity and the arts.Partner with the British Council (Australia). Arts Centre, Melbourne

2007: Artistic and conference programmer for Multicultural arts: cultural citizenship for the 21st century. Parliament House, Canberra

2004; Member of the organizing committee for Empires Ruins and Networks conference. ACMI, Melbourne

2001: Member of the organizing committee for Globalisation + Art + Cultural difference conference. Held at Artspace and COFA, Sydney

1996_in_spaces_unsuspected_flyer_p1-1_cb1996: Adelaide Festival of Arts film program – In Spaces Unsuspected. Held at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide

In Spaces Unsuspected (part) for Sydney Intermedia Network at the Domain Theatre AGNSW




WISAP1994: Adelaide Festival of Arts Film program – Women and sexuality in Asian-Pacific cinema Held at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide







IFP1992: Indigenous film from the Pacific. Held at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide

1991: Mapping out memories film program. Held at Mercury Cinema, Adelaide






1990: A matter of scale. University of South Australia Design graduates exhibition. Held at Artspace Adelaide Festival Centre

1984: Assisted the first indigenous woman to enter the Alice Springs Art Award,Araluen arts centre, Alice Springs

1983-5: Produce and assist on several programs for Ernabella Video Television, including first audio visual recording of the Seven Sisters Dreaming. Worked with Pitjantjatjara women producing fabric and traditional craftworks and to establish the Pitjantjatjara, Ngaatjatjara and Yungkuntjatjara Women’s Association.

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