publications and presentations


Papastergiadis, N., Cmielewski, C., Gibson, R., McQuire, S., Yue, A., Cmielewski, L., Barikin, A., 2013  Mega Screens for Mega Cities_TCS , in Theory Culture & Society, SAGE. DOI: 10:117/0263276413503691

Cecelia Cmielewski, 2011 “REMOTE INTERVENTIONS” in International Symposium on Electronic Arts, ed ISEA2011, Istanbul

Cecelia Cmielewski and Ilaria Vanni Accarigi,2008,  Into the Locative- Grassroots Cultural Production and the Digitalisation of Urban Borders in International Symposium on Electronic Arts, ed ISEA2008, Singapore


Cecelia Cmielewski, 2012, “Aquavescent Audio” in spaced: art out of place, IASKA

Cecelia Cmielewski, 2012 , ADAPTATION” in ADAPTATION, SymbioticA, University of Western Australia

Cecelia Cmielewski, 2010, “The Arts in a Multicultural Australia” in Diversity Matters Conference, Australian Multicultural Foundation and the Commonwealth Foundation

Cecelia Cmielewski, 1994, “My boomerang won’t come back” – a review of Destiny Deacon in photofile 1994

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